The landscaping of the campus is built based on the idea of the park, which is full of trees and gardening in everywhere.
The campus has well-developed equipments including gym, library, the music hall, the center of student activity, the dorm and the auditorium.
The living function around the campus is convenient. The cuisines in the night market are delicious; and everything is cheap yet delicate. Also, the transportation system is convenient, too.
In order to praise and to encourage students with good grades and those who come from poor families, CYCU offers high-priced scholarship and opportunities of part-time jobs.
In College of Engineering
We have five complete and professional departments including Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Bioenvironmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Civil Engineering. In College of Engineering, we provide resourceful and plentiful programs.
We have excellent teachers who put a lot of efforts on teaching, counseling and doing research.
There are a great number of successful alumni in every profession.
In Department of Mechanical Engineering
We have a complete educational system with outstanding undergraduate, graduate and doctor programs.
The history of CYME is long, with rich resources, a big space of department building, and millions of reference books.
We dedicate to develop an omnibearing education and to pass down the tradition of sincerity, honor, and independent.
There are many outstanding alumni who contribute what they have learnt to our country.
The courses of CYME are new, complete, and systematic. What is more, we keep updating the courses with time. The courses include Mechatronics, Precision Mechanical Systems, Advanced Manufacturing Process, Optomechatronics, Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing, Advanced Control Systems.
The academic performances of CYME are on the top of the country, including publishing essays, researching projects, producing study cooperation, invention, patent, and technology transfer.
The percentage of studying after graduated is about 70%. In 2003 and 2004, CYME was elected by 1111Job Bank as the second and the third place of “the new kids on the block who are popular with companies”; same with National Cheng Kung University and Taiwan Universities.
Students in graduate program can apply for scholarship and researching subsidy
We have rich achievements of research. The quality and the quantity of essays published by CYME are both on the same level of famous foreign universities as well as the top national universities in Taiwan, surpassing the average in Taiwan.
The quantity of the projects of research is over 50 each year. Every student who is in graduate program has projects to practice. The training of ‘learning by practicing theories’ makes graduated students from CYME popular in the work place.
●Future plansTop
Plans for Teaching
To make sure the quality of teaching team; and to review the programs and courses regularly.
To strengthen the education of programs.
To fulfill the program of green power and production technology.
To advance the program of applied science with computer and internet.
To advance the program of micrometer/nanometer mechatronics
To strive for having the program of bioengineering with other departments’ help.
To enhance the basic of education of advanced productive technology.
To update the basic teaching materials and equipments. Also, to advance digital learning.
To revise the practicum.
To strengthen the safety education.
To train the internationalization experts and to advance the international communication.
Plans for research
To establish the cooperation with other universities in Taiwan and overseas.
To develop some main subjects including applied science with computer and internet, micrometer/nanometer mechatronics, green power and production technology, bioengineering, and advanced productive technology.
To increase the quality and the quantity of researchers.
To encourage cooperative research, enhance research quality and increase the academic reputation.