Regulations of M.S Taking Extra Courses

According to the resolution made during the meeting held on 06/10/1998, “The Regulations of CYCU Department of ME M.S Taking Extra Credit Points” was established.
The regulations of the means are applied to students of the same rank that entered the graduate school of this department; they are required to take three extra courses in the university department, but those courses are not to be included in the Master's class graduation credit points.
The three university courses are as follows:
Thermo Fluid Science—Numerical Method, Fluid Dynamics, Heat Transfer.
Solid Mechanics and Design—Numerical Method, Applied Mechanics (dynamics/kinetics), Material Mechanics.
Control and Manufacture—Numerical Method, Applied Mechanics (dynamics), Automatic Controls.
Students suitable for these regulations should show related proof of taking the above classes to cancel out that particular course.
The head of the department and advising professor should appoint students to add courses depending on their learning needs.
Students who have taken more than two extra courses of the university department and have not worked for four years after graduation should extend their academic studies limit to one more semester.
This regulation became effective since the academic year 1998.