1.Master Program
A minimum of 30 graduate credits is required. Of these 30 credits, 6 are required for the thesis. A final oral examination is also mandatory.
2.Ph.D. Program
A minimum of 36 graduate credits, in addition to those taken for the master`s degree program, is required. Included in these 36 credits are 12 required for the Ph.D. dissertation.
3.Qualifying exams are given in the following areas:
A.Thermo fluids: Convective Heat Transfer, Radiation Heat Transfer, Advanced Fluid Dynamics, and Advanced Thermodynamics.
B.Solid Mechanics and Design: Elasticity, Advanced Mechanisms, CAD/CAM, Advanced Vibration, Experimental Stress Analysis.
C.Control and Manufacturing: Digital Control, Optimal Estimation Theory, Optimal Control, System Dynamics, Linear System.

A student is advanced to Ph.D. candidacy after he or she has passed the written exams on Advanced Engineering Mathematics, two of the above courses taken in the major area, and one of the above courses taken in the minor area. Following Ph.D. candidacy, the students have to complete their dissertation work. A Ph.D. degree will be conferred upon the candidate after he or she has passed the final oral examination.